Active Travel for Annerley: Safe, separated bike lanes for Annerley Rd

Locals working to make Annerley safer and more pleasant for walking, cycling and wheeling.

Active Travel for Annerley

Safe, separated bike lanes & more: the Annerley Rd Safety Upgrade

Our first project is a community-led proposal for the Annerley Road Safety Upgrade. It would include:

  • safe, separated bike and scooter lanes on Annerley Rd between Gladstone Rd (at BSSSC) and Ipswich Rd (at Annerley Junction). 
  • safer speeds, reducing the speed limit from 60km/hr to 50 or 40. 
  • fix the dangerous pedestrian crossing point Cornwall St / Annerley Rd next to Dutton Park Station and the dangerous slip lane at Noble St and Annerley Rd
  • add a safe pedestrian crossing across Annerley Rd. Right now there is no crossing for 1km between Young St and Annerley Junction.

We want to transform a dangerous, hostile space for kids, pedestrians and cyclists into a friendlier, quieter and safer one. 

About Active Travel for Annerley

Active Travel for Annerley is a group of locals from Annerley and the inner south. We are working to make our streets and suburbs safer and more pleasant for kids, pedestrians, cyclists, scooter riders and people using wheelchairs. 

Why create safe, separated bike & scooter lanes? 

It should be easy to ride or walk to school, to see friends or to visit local businesses. 

Right now, Annerley Rd between Gladstone Rd and Ipswich Rd is dangerous for cyclists and scooter riders navigating high-speed traffic and parked cars. It also lacks safe pedestrian crossings, making walking and catching the bus more difficult. 

Many residents have no choice but to drive their cars, even to travel short distances. 

We believe safe bike lanes as part of the Annerley Rd Safety Upgrade would: 

  • Make it safer for locals of all ages, abilities and confidence levels to get around on a bike, ebike or escooter. 
  • Reduce conflicts between people cycling with cars and with pedestrians on the footpath
  • Link thousands of Annerley residents with the wider network of safe bikeways, including the UQ bridge, Woolloongabba Bikeway, the PA Bikeway, V1 Veloway and Bicentennial Bikeway. 
  • Make riding to school safer for kids and families at local schools including Dutton Park SS, Junction Park SS, BSSSC, St Itas, YSS, YSHS, Mary Immaculate, Our Lady and others.  
  • Reduce traffic congestion and climate pollution by helping locals get around car-free. 

Community leaders supporting safe bike lanes

We have launched an Open letter supporting safe, protected bike and scooter lanes on Annerley Rd signed by community stakeholders including: 

  • Local school P&C associations including Dutton Park SS, Junction Park SS, Yeronga SS, Yeronga SHS, Brisbane South State Secondary College and St Ita’s Catholic Primary School. 
  • Local small businesses including Paper Moon Vegan Coffee House
  • State and Local elected representatives, including Mark Bailey MP Member for Miller, Amy MacMahon MP Member for South Brisbane, Councillor for Tennyson Ward Nicole Johnston, Councillor for the Gabba Ward Jonathan Sriranganathan and Councillor for Moorooka Ward Steve Griffiths.
  • Community organisations including Community Plus+ (Annerley Community Service, Yeronga Community Centre, West End Community House & QSTARS), Space for Cycling Brisbane, Queensland Walks, Bicycle Queensland and Brisbane South Bicycle User Group. 

Junction Park State School 
P&C Association

Paper Moon Vegan Coffee House, 
257 Annerley Rd

Mark Bailey MP, Member for Miller

A community-led plan 

As a group of locals, Active Transport for Annerley is seeking to facilitate a community-led design to make sure the project works for as many people as possible. 

Our members have doorknocked every house on Annerley Rd seeking their input and feedback on our plans. 

We are developing a concept design for our proposal and will seek further local input and feedback. 

We want Brisbane City Council, with support from the State government, to work with the community to deliver this project. 

If Council does agree to fund it, they would undertake a technical review and prepare a formal draft proposal for another round of public consultation. Detailed design and construction would commence after that. 

How would safe, separated bike lanes work?

This map shows the broader context for our proposal, including existing bikeways like the Woolloongabba Bikeway and the V1 veloway. 

Proposed safe, separated bike lanes as part of the Annerley Road Safety Upgrade shown in purple. See the full map here.

The first cross section below shows the existing road corridor with two lanes of on-street parking and two lanes of traffic. The second cross section shows an indicative layout replacing one lane of street parking with unidirectional protected bike and scooter lanes on each side of the road. This indicative proposal would largely retain one lane of street parking and would preserve existing bus stops. 

Indicative cross section of the existing layout of Annerley Rd with two lanes of car parking
Cross section showing Annerley Road, facing north. From left (west) to right (east) the cross section shows the footpath, a unidirectional protected bike lane, a parking lane, two traffic lanes, a second unidirectional protected bike lane, then the other footpath.
Indicative cross section of Annerley Rd showing proposed unidirectional protected bike & scooter lanes under the Annerley Rd Safety Upgrade

Based on our own detailed analysis, we believe Brisbane City Council could create safe, separated bike lanes on Annerley Rd while retaining around 50% of the existing street parking. 

How to support our campaign

We’re building a people-powered campaign to win safe infrastructure, but we can’t do it without you!

Here’s how you can help..

Step 1: Sign the petition

We’re aiming to build a huge petition for safe, separated bike lanes on Annerley Rd, and more.

The petition is on the Brisbane City Council website, so you’ll need to verify your email address once you sign.

Step 2: Join our campaign

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